The defining ESG investment
management platform

GoodFinch is "Good Financial." An asset manager with an investment strategy focused around home-efficiency fixed income securities, our mission is to be the defining environmental, social and governance investment management platform that does good for the planet, while doing well for our investors.

The Gravity of


With higher purpose comes greater performance. We don’t believe that the climate crisis is just a global problem, it’s also the greatest investment opportunity in the history of humankind.


What sets GoodFinch apart is the experience, expertise, and extensive analytics to determine high propensity for loan quality, reliability and fast payoff rate.


With clean energy expertise, market-leading financial experience, and technology-driven data insights, GoodFinch is uniquely positioned to deliver high performing assets at scale, rooted in higher purpose.

Our investors can do good for humanity, while receiving significant financial reward.

Good Financial




Market-leading financial experience

With over 20 years of deep leadership experience in the clean energy, finance and investment sectors, GoodFinch is poised to lead ESG asset management in the clean energy space.

Hayes Barnard


As Co-Founder of GoodFinch, Hayes brings over 25 years of successful entrepreneurial experience across clean energy, investment/financial, mortgage, and technology sectors. He is also Founder, Chairman and CEO of Loanpal – the #1 solar lender in the U.S. – as well as GivePower, a nonprofit organization that provides solar-based solutions for food, water, and electricity in developing regions around the world. Prior to his current roles, Hayes founded Paramount Equity Mortgage, where he underwrote ~$20 billion in mortgages. With stringent criteria and focused operational foresight, Hayes successfully navigated Paramount Equity Mortgage through severe market conditions in 2008, becoming one of few surviving entities. Later, Hayes also founded Paramount Solar. After quickly garnering significant market share, he sold Paramount Solar to SolarCity, where he served as CRO for 3 years, growing its business 400 percent – 10 times the size of its nearest competitor.


Tanguy Serra

Chief Investment Officer

As Co-Founder of GoodFinch, Tanguy brings extensive experience across capital markets, clean energy, and financial technology. As President and Chief Investment Officer of Loanpal, he quickly helped the organization establish market dominance as the #1 solar lender in the U.S. Prior to his current roles, Tanguy spent several years in investment banking with Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley (London), nearly a decade investing institutional capital at TPG, co-founded Vivint Solar, and served as COO and President of SolarCity – where he oversaw 10,000 employees, and helped grow to 40% of market share. Alongside Hayes, Tanguy oversaw origination of ~17,000 solar systems per month and tracked performance of hundreds of thousands of systems across FICO bands, lease/PPA/loans and geographies while serving at SolarCity.


Andrew Mills

Managing Director

As Managing Director of GoodFinch, Andrew brings valuable fintech, clean energy and corporate development experience to this seasoned team. Under the leadership of Hayes and Tanguy, Andrew was the first employee of Loanpal’s Consumer Finance Division. He was instrumental in the launch of the solar lending platform – now the largest in the nation – and played an integral role in developing technology to automate and streamline the operations needed to support Loanpal’s rapid growth, in addition to managing the funding, selling, and servicing processes. Prior to Loanpal, Andrew worked at SolarCity where he launched the company’s first international expansion in Mexico City. Andrew graduated Cum Laude from Princeton University, where he was Captain of the Varsity Soccer Team and President & Co-Founder of Princeton’s Best Buddies chapter.


Ania Kinalski


As Associate at GoodFinch, Ania is responsible for developing financial models, analyzing asset performance and handling investor relations. Prior to GoodFinch, Ania was a Senior Associate at UBS Private Wealth Management in Los Angeles, where she worked on a team that managed $3.2B in assets and developed and implemented client portfolio allocations. She was the West Coast representative of Club17, a firm-wide sustainability group at UBS. She began her career at Goldman Sachs as an Equity Research Analyst covering the clean energy sector. Ania holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Accounting from the University of Southern California as a Presidential Scholar.


"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy"

Thomas Edison to Henry Ford

Good for Consumers

Our borrowers are homeowners who are making a conscious choice to invest in the long-lasting impact of clean energy solutions to reduce their carbon footprint, while saving money and improving their home.

Steadfast decisions and steady returns,
driven by data


84% of fund managers report an increase in demand for ESG-oriented funds


Solar generation is projected to climb from 11% of total U.S. generation in 2017 to 48% by 2050 making it the fastest growing electricity source


Renewable energy is the fastest growing energy source in the U.S., increasing 100% from 2000-2018

Addressing climate change
with predictable, steady returns

There is no if in the solution to the climate crisis, only when and how. This infinite truth ensures that progress toward solutions will accelerate exponentially, and those who invest in its course will benefit beyond measure.